General Information

The following documentation is for SuiteCRM Version 8+; to see documentation for Version 7, click here.

Before starting the upgrade

Please consider going through the preparation steps, this will ensure your environment will be compatible with SuiteCRM 8.

Version Steps

When upgrading, please take into consideration your current SuiteCRM version and your targeted version. The steps you follow will differ depending on this. Please note, that some paths will have mandatory upgrade steps. As a guide:

  • Upgrading from 8.2.x to the latest version: 8.2.x ⇒ Current

  • Upgrading from Release Candidate / 8.0.x / 8.1.x to the latest version: RC/8.0/8.1 ⇒ 8.2.x ⇒ Current

  • Upgrading from BETA to the latest version: BETA ⇒ RC/8.0.x/8.1.x ⇒ 8.2.x ⇒ Current

Guide for each Version Step

The following table lists the documentation page for each distinct step of the upgrade, as noted in the above section

Starting version

Upgrade Guide

Upgrade from:

RC/8.0.x/8.1.x ⇒ 8.2.x

8.2.x ⇒ current

Upgrading to SuiteCRM 8.2.x+ versions

Upgrade from RC/8.0.x ⇒ 8.1.x

Upgrading from SuiteCRM 8.0.x to 8.1.x versions

Upgrade from Beta to RC version

Upgrade for pre release-candidate versions

Upgrade restrictions

The following section(s) contains the restrictions there are when upgrading between versions

  • If you are on any version between 8.0.x - 8.1.x and you wish to upgrade to a version greater or equal to 8.3.x, you will first need to upgrade to 8.2.x and only after that can you upgrade to your target version (8.3.x or greater)

  • There was a bug when upgrading to version 8.3.1, which has been resolved on 8.4.0. For more info see the section Upgrading to version 8.3.1 of the Upgrading issues page.

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