7.12.x Releases


Released 05/10/2021



  • PR: 9244 - PDF Engine Selection

    • MPDF License has be found to no longer be compliant with AGPL3 and due to this the MPDF will not be included in new installs. MPDF will not be removed on upgrade, but the system will default to a new engine, with an option to revert back to the MDPF if required.

  • PR: 9185 - Noon Theme

  • PR: 9298 - Implement TCPDFEngine

  • PR: 9208 - Implement standard PDF Engines

  • PR: 9187 - Composer 2.0

  • PR: 9171 - Upgrade ElasticSearch to 7.x

    • This is the new minimum ElasticSearch version that is required for update.

  • PR: 9170 - PHPUnit/Codeception Upgrade

  • PR: 9159 - Implement standard SearchEngines

  • PR: 9095 - Consolidate global search settings (AOD, Basic)

Other Notable Changes

  • PR: 9094 - AOD (Lucene) has been Deprecated to removed in SuiteCRM 8.0

  • PR: 9083 - Update minimum required PHP to v7.3.0

  • All default config value now set on install

  • utf8mb4 charset and utf8mb4_general_ci collation now the default on MySQL Databases on new installs


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