Before starting the upgrade

1. Initial recommendations

1.1. Before running the upgrade, please make sure your system complies with the new version compatibility matrix. Check the Compatibility Matrix for complete information on compatible versions.

1.2. It is recommended that you run the upgrade process in a development instance and test. Only after testing, deploy the upgraded version on to a production instance

1.3. Before upgrading please make sure to create a backup of your instance code and database.

1.4. By default, the upgrade commands will set the error_reporting to a less strict mode to suppress warnings. The error_reporting value set is E_ALL & ~E_DEPRECATED & ~E_STRICT & ~E_NOTICE & ~E_WARNING If you want to apply a stricter mode you can specify the -vvv on each of the commands. This will set E_ALL on error_reporting

1.5 Please note that the upgrade process may remove any non core file/directories you have on your project under the root folder or the public/legacy/ folder

1.6 Before running any of the commands described next, please make sure your SuiteCRM 8 instance APP_ENV is set to APP_ENV=prod mode (check .env and '.env.local' files)

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