Security Policy

Supported Versions

Please check the Supported Versions page for more information about the actively supported versions

Raising Issues

As we take security seriously, any reported issue will be reviewed by our Security Team. If you have discovered a security risk within SuiteCRM, we would advise that you report it, in the first instance, via the Github Security Advisories section on the relevant repository:

  • if the issue exists in both - SuiteCRM 7 and SuiteCRM 8+ as well, please raise this issue here.

  • If the issue exists only within SuiteCRM 8+ then raise the issue here.

When reporting the issue on the Github Security Advisories section, supply the description of security flaws and other proof of concept-related materials (POC) in a comment after adding the security advisory.

Alternatively, you can email your report to the Security Team at

Please don’t disclose security bugs publicly until they have been handled by the security team.

Valid security report criteria

A valid Security Report should meet the following criteria:

  • Should contain 1 issue per report or a maximum of 3 issues if they are related

  • The reported issues must have been previously verified by the reporter

  • Should contain the steps to reproduce the issue or a POC script

  • Should specify the affected versions

  • The specified affected versions should be among the actively supported versions

Response time

First response

Your email will be acknowledged within 72 hours during the business week (Mon - Fri) Excluding UK National holidays.


Security Reports will be assessed based on priority following an initial assessment of the severity of the report. The time to fully assess a report may vary depending on multiple factors, including the volume and quality of the report in question.

Once a Security Report has been fully assessed it will be assigned a severity and priority grading, this information will be emailed to the reporter along with the anticipated plan for fix to be released. If a Security Report is found to be invalid, the reporter will be notified and given the option to create a public issue.


Security issues are then prioritised and worked on based on priority/severity. The time to fix them may vary depending on priority/severity and complexity of the fix required.

Once the security issue is fixed the reporter will be notified.

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