Logs and debugging

1. Logs

The commands used during the upgrade provide some information of the steps and their execution result. However, sometimes they do not provide a lot of information on error reporting.

There are some logs that may provide more information:

  • The logs/upgrade.log contains logs that are generated by the upgrade log on SuiteCRM 8 side.

  • The public/legacy/upgradeWizard.log contains upgrade specific logs that are generated by the legacy part of the app. This file is generated during the legacy-post-upgrade step.

  • The logs/<app-env-mode>/<app-env-mode>.log is the main app log. Its file path and name changes according to the value set on your APP_ENV. E.g. if it is set to prod the path will be logs/prod/prod.log. Most likely, this log will not have much upgrade information.

  • The public/legacy/suitecrm.log is the main log location for the legacy part of the app. It may contain upgrade related logs, as well as other logs.

2. APP_ENV mode

When running the app in a production environment the APP_ENV in .env or in .env.local should be set to prod. However this mode has a high log level, meaning that not all the debug information will be logged.

One way to get more logs is to change APP_ENV to qa (this mode should only be used temporarily).

After the APP_ENV you may have to clear the symfony cache - from your instance root folder run:

bin/console cache:clear

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