Frontend extension - Migrate to SuiteCRM 8.5+

The following documentation is for SuiteCRM Version 8+; to see documentation for Version 7, click here.

1. Intro

The following guide explains how to migrate extensions created in a version prior to SuiteCRM 8.5. So they can work on SuiteCRM 8.5+.

2. Updated angular-architects/module-federation lib

With the upgrade to angular v16 the version of the @angular-architects/module-federation lib has also been updated. This is the main lib required for front end extensions to work.

This new version of @angular-architects/module-federation requires a configuration update. Which also means that the previously built extensions will have to be re-built, i.e. by running yarn run build:defaultExt (for the defaultExt, or something similar for other custom extensions).

3. Updating defaultExt extension

For defaultExt the configuration update is done automatically upon upgrading to SuiteCRM 8.5+. The only steps missing after that are:

  • Run yarn run build:defaultExt

  • Re-enable the extension in extensions/defaultExt/config/extension.php

4. Updating custom extensions (other than defaultExt)

To update a custom extension 3 files need to be updated:

  • extensions/your-extension/config/extension.php

  • extensions/your-extension/app/

  • extensions/your-extension/app/webpack.config.js

If you have doubts on any of the following updates look at the same files under the extensions/defaultExt as an example.

4.1 Update extensions/your-extension/config/extension.php

In remoteEntry replace ./ with ../. example:

From 'remoteEntry' ⇒ './extensions/your-extension/remoteEntry.js',

to 'remoteEntry' ⇒ '../extensions/your-extension/remoteEntry.js',

4.2 Update extensions/your-extension/app/

In the target entry replace es2018 with es2022. In the end the file should look something similar to:

/* To learn more about this file see: */
  "extends": "../../../tsconfig.json",
  "compilerOptions": {
    "outDir": "../../out-tsc/app",
    "target": "es2022",
    "types": []
  "files": [
  "include": [

4.3 Update extensions/your-extension/app/webpack.config.js

4.3.1 Add experiments entry

Before plugins add:

  experiments: {
    outputModule: true
  plugins: [

4.3.2 Update library entry


      library: {
        type: 'window',
        name: 'defaultExt',


      library: {
        type: "module",

4.3.3 Update libraries under shared entry

Update library versions in shared. Copy or use the shared entry in extensions/defaultExt/app/webpack.config.js as an example.

4.4 Re-build extension

After updating the configuration run the build command which, depending on your configuration, could be similar to yarn run build:<yourExtension>.

Your code may need to be updated, depending on the dependencies you have on core code.

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