7.14.x Releases


Released 29/08/2023


Release Notes


System Requirement Changes

The minimum php version has been updated to php 8.1. The supported versions are now php 8.1 and 8.2.

To visit the SuiteCRM 7.14.x Compatibility Matrix please see here.


Smarty Upgrade

Smarty, the templating engine used in SuiteCRM 7.x, has been upgraded to v4 which brings some minor performance improvements and better compatibility going forward.

PHP 8.2 Support

This release brings a number of adjustments and updates in order to support PHP 8.2.

This includes:

  • Removal of deprecated functions/ features

  • Updated missing labels

  • Update functions to PHP 8.2 standard

  • Fixed Unit & Acceptance Tests

  • Executed Rector to clean up code

  • Fixed code to eliminate warnings from logs

Bug Fixes

  • PR: 10116 - Fix #10053 - Issue when creating new tabs on Dashlets

  • PR: 10106 - Fix #10105 - Fix 500 error when saving audited numeric field

  • PR: 10108 - Fix #10107 - Function getRelatedId is unable to return NULL values


Special thanks to the following members for their contributions and participation in this release!

Please visit the official website to find the appropriate upgrade package.

To report any security issues please follow our Security Process and send them directly to us via email security@suitecrm.com

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