Within the CRM you will be presented with various views. These views are structured to present you with key information through the record management process. There are three main views, described in the sub-sections below.

List View

This is the view that you are presented with when you navigate to any module.

40List view

The List View gives you access to many actions that you can use to view and manage records. Some of these are:

  • Search Records – perform basic and advanced searches, as covered previously in the Search section of this chapter.

  • Sort Records – clicking the column name will sort the record list by that column, either ascending or descending, if sorting is enabled.

  • View Records – clicking on any hyperlinked data will take you to the Detail View of the record. Note: clicking a phone number will attempt to dial the number and choosing an email address, will open the 'Compose Email' popup

  • Edit Records – clicking the pencil icon will navigate you to the Edit View for that record.

From the List View, you can also update several records at the same time, by using the Bulk Action drop down. To select the records you wish to update, click the checkbox to the left hand side of it first, and then the action you wish to carry out. Some examples of these are:

  • Delete Records – this will delete the records from the module

  • Mass Update Records – update data on all selected records

  • Merge Records – You can select a primary record and then can merge the data from the duplicate records into the primary record. Once saved, the duplicate records will be deleted and all data/history merged to the primary record.

Detail View

This is the view that you are presented with when you view a record.

41Detail view

The Detail View comprises of many actions that you can use to view/manage your data, which are specific to the module that you are viewing. The following are the standard actions for most modules:

  • Edit – edit the record you are viewing.

  • Duplicate – duplicate the record you are viewing.

  • Delete – delete the record you are viewing. If a record is deleted, you will be redirected to the List View.

  • Find Duplicates – begin the find duplicates process where you can use system functionality to find duplicate records.

  • View Change Log – view changes to audited fields.

Note: To set fields as audited and for any changes to find duplicates, contact your System Administrator.

Hyperlinked fields can be clicked on. This will navigate you to that record.

The Detail View is tabbed in SuiteCRM. This means there is minimal scrolling and data is categorised for each module in the appropriate tab.

System Administrators can select to display data in either tabs or panels. You can contact your system administrator for more information on managing layouts and views.

Edit View

This is the view that you are presented with when you edit a record.

42Edit view

The Edit View allows you to modify record information that is displayed on the view. This allows users to update existing data and also add/remove data.

Once you have made changes on the Edit View, you can click 'Save' to apply the changes or click Cancel. Clicking either option will redirect you to the Detail View of the record you are editing.

You can click the View Change Log button to view changes to audited fields, which can be useful before making your intended changes.

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