ListView Conditional Formatting

Sometimes you will want to format fields that are shown on the list view depending on the values. For example you may want to colour the direction field on calls differently or to highlight quotes that expire soon.

In this post we’ll be adding a simple coloured border to the ''Industry'' field in the Accounts list view. We’ll end up with something similar to this:

Coloured fields on the list view

This is fairly straightforward. We’ll define a logic hook which will override the industry value and add in the styling we want.

First off we define the logic hook in custom/Extension/modules/Accounts/Ext/LogicHooks/ListViewHighlight.php with the following:

$hook_array['process_record'][] = Array(1, 'Highlight account industry', 'custom/modules/Accounts/HighlightIndustryLogicHook.php','HighlightIndustryLogicHook', 'highlightIndustry');

This sets up a process_record logic hook. This will be fired whenever a record is prepared for a list view or subpanel.

Next up we will define the class which will actually perform the formatting in custom/modules/Accounts/HighlightIndustryLogicHook.php

class HighlightIndustryLogicHook{

    public function highlightIndustry(SugarBean $bean, $event, $arguments){
        $colour = substr(md5($bean->industry),0,6);
        $bean->industry = "<div style='border: solid 5px #$colour;'>".$bean->industry."</div>";

This simply generates colour based on the Accounts industry and sets it as a border for the field.

By Jim Mackin | March 4, 2016

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