Configure SuiteCRM

Apache2 Server

Those who have upgraded from an older version of SuiteCRM, will need to run the rebuild .htaccess tool. As the API uses "friendly" urls to define resources. It may be possible to use the API without this feature. However, you will want the .htaccess file to configure the /api entrypoint to the lib/API/public folder.

The Mod Rewrite Apache2 Module must be installed and configured.

IIS Server

IIS Server Administrators will need create a web.config file manually configure the /api entrypoint to the lib/API/public folder.

It is important to ensure that the lib/API/OAuth2/ directory cannot be accessed over a HTTP request.

Configure Encryption Keys

Provided that the file permissions enable your web server to write to lib/API/OAuth2/ folder, SuiteCRM will attempt to auto-generate the keys in this location.

Generating public and private keys manually

To generate the private key run this command on the terminal:

cd /path/to/instance/lib/API/OAuth2

openssl genrsa -out private.key 1024

openssl rsa -in private.key -pubout -out public.key

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