8.0-beta Releases


Released 01/04/2021

Release Notes


  • Leads, Opportunities and Accounts ListView charts enhanced to be based on selected ListView data.

  • Field Validation: Including both record level (required fields) and field level (based on the type of field) validation for both the RecordView and also the Filter on ListView.

  • Additional boolean and enum fields implemented

  • Invoices, Quotes, Contracts and Campaigns given specific Subpanel Insight statistics.

  • Generic Insight statistic implemented.

  • Popups have been designed and implemented in Angular front-end

  • Relate fields designed and implemented including additional popup with search filters, datatable and selecting a record functionality

  • Filter information stored in session variables so any active filter is still applied on refresh while the session is still active

  • Extension Framework - backend implemented to allow extension of core, dataprovider and configuration.

  • Extension Framework - frontend base implementation using Dynamic Module Federation to allow extension of services, components and routing.

  • Subpanel insights redesigned including container.

  • Subpanel insights enhanced to include tooltips.

  • Subpanel insights enhanced to allow comparisons with total values (used in Invoices and Cases).

  • Performance enhancment to run Insights statistics on batch calls.

  • Legacy EditView design updated to be consistent with Suite8 RecordView.

  • Group fields implemented such as Address and Full Name fields.

  • Frontend upgraded to run on Angular 11.

  • General design enhancements to the Login, Navbars and Views.

  • Homepage designed to match Suite8 theme.

  • Read Only fields implemented.

  • Threads Insight added to Cases - currently displaying demo information

  • Photo Insight added to Leads and Contacts - currently displaying demo information

  • Base Installation script added to allow for easy install

  • Checkboxes redesigned.

  • Date fields implemented including time picker (ng-boostrap)

  • Text Area fields added to Edit mode of the RecordView

  • Legacy enhanced to be translated to the selected language

  • Convert a Lead functionality added to the Leads module

  • CreateView implemented based on RecordView

Bug Fixes

  • Unable to navigate to the password reset screen through Forgot Password option

  • Some buttons appear as duplicates due to removal of module name from the button label (for example, Import on Quotes and New in Roles).

  • CreateView contains the Date Created and Date Modified fields.

  • Some Non-standard Legacy DetailViews require additional styling.

  • Products and Service subpanel insight does not function.

  • Security groups subpanel insight does not function.

  • Relate fields have not been fully implemented on ListView filters.

  • Parent relate fields have not been fully implemented.

  • Currency conversion issues between subpanel values and RecordView values.

  • Some fields that are hidden from the Legacy EditView are still shown in RecordView Edit Mode.

  • Inline edit buttons are visible on ReadOnly fields although they are not functional.

  • Some minor spacing inconsistencies between Create and RecordViews.

  • The Assign To field does not save an updated values.

  • History Insight updates based on day and not time specifically.

  • Due Date field does not populate for Meetings on the History and Activities subpanels.

Known Missing Features

  • Several field types are still to be implemented.

  • Popup warnings on delete (bulk and single record) to be implemented.

  • Full implementation of Extension Framework.

  • Subpanel open status to be saved to session.

  • Case Updates/Threads Insight to be fully implemented.

  • Photos insight for Leads and Contacts to be fully implemented.

  • History Timeline insight to be fully implemented.

  • Column Selector to be fully implemented.

  • Mass Update functionalty to be fully implemented.

  • Relate Fields to be implemented on ListView filters.

  • Missing 'between' functionality for Date fields on ListView filters.

  • Missing RecordView actions such as Print as PDF, View Changelog.

  • Missing ListView bulk actions such as Add to Target List, Print as PDF, Email.

  • RecordView navigation buttons to be added.

  • Additional Subpanel buttons to be added such as removing the relationship and custom buttons.


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